Docker Image Reduction Techniques and Tools

Yesterday I spent some time researching how to reduce the size of my Docker image. Weighing in at 841.6 MB while loaded my Rails application image is probably average sized. Docker Hub reports it as 338 MB which is approximately the size of the image after I have [crayon-5cea02a92ca8c191587209-i/]d and gzip’d it. That tells me that [crayon-5cea02a92ca99777210895-i/]  and [crayon-5cea02a92ca9e965386628-i/] are transporting much lighter files than I work with on a daily basis. That’s good, but smaller images mean faster deploys, so time researching how to lighten their load seemed worthwhile. Known techniques for reducing Docker image size There are some decent articles that discuss Docker image size in depth … Continue reading Docker Image Reduction Techniques and Tools